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Grants & Programs: Grant Opportunities


The Family Services Collaborative of St. Louis County is looking to partner with non-profits, private businesses and government agencies that reside in St. Louis County.  Ideal partners will carry out programming that aligns with the Collaborative’s Strategic Plan.



Mission: The St. Louis County Family Services Collaborative brings service systems together to coordinate and integrate resources and services for children, youth, and families.



  • Capital campaigns or capital expenditures

  • Administrative or indirect expenditures (e.g. staff time for preparation of program plans, budgets, and schedules; time spent for financial services; costs of goods for managers (supplies, equipment, postage, etc.))

  • Lobbying or political activities

  • Agencies whose main office is not in St. Louis County



  • The level of information contained in the application should be reflective of the dollar amount requested.

  • An agency may have multiple applications for their various programs.  Submit only one application per program.      

  • The Collaborative has the right to deny or partially fund any application.

  • The grant application should be single spaced and in 11-point Calibri font.   

  • Email applications to



  • Your agency must sign a Community Grant Agreement.  The Collaborative will reimburse the agency for program expenditures with appropriate receipts/invoices.  An agency may receive an advance with a written request on letterhead detailing the intended expenditure(s); and submit receipts when available and before another advance.    

  • Your agency must complete a Grant Evaluation by January 31st or at the end of the Community Grant Agreement, whichever comes first.   


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