Grants & Programs: North School Attendance Work Group

Purpose - Convene a multi-agency team to improve school attendance. 



                        1) Leverage Local Human Resources

                        2) Address Chemical Dependency/ Mental Health

                        3) Improve Communication

                        4) Build Student Engagement


Action Steps- 

                       1A) Explore options for a “go to” person

                       2A) Explore and learn about chemical dependency and mental health programs

                       3A) Best practices for documenting student absences

                                3Ai) Court documentation needs

                                3Aii) WBWF and ESSA documentation needs

                       4A) Agencies share ideas

Northern Mission

The Northern St. Louis County Family Service Collaborative serves children and families by encouraging collaboration of integrated family centered services, which provide education, advocacy, and support.

St. Louis County Intake Screener:       1-800-450-9777

Call this number if you think a child (typically 11 or younger) may need county resources/services or you need to report educational neglect.

Help me Grow! for children birth to five: 1-866-693-4769

The local infant and toddler intervention or preschool special education program will contact the family for their permission to proceed with the referral. Parents may accept or decline.

Other Resources