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Grants & Programs: Grant Opportunities


The Family Services Collaborative of St. Louis County is looking to partner with non-profits, private businesses and government agencies that reside in St. Louis County.  Ideal partners will carry out programming that aligns with the Collaborative’s Strategic Plan.



Mission: The St. Louis County Family Services Collaborative works to advance an inclusive network of community services that helps families to prevent adverse childhood experiences and develop resiliency, supports healthy child development, and improves educational outcomes.


Strategic Goal 1: Children and their caregivers experiencing one or more ACEs will decrease their risk factors and increase protective factors. 


What does this mean to the Collaborative?

  • Building the capacity of local service providers to address ACEs: provide ACES and resiliency group training.

  • Support direct prevention and intervention efforts:

    • Programs that build resiliency in youth;

    • Parent education programs that are evidence-based; and/or

    • Programs that support children and their caregivers coping with incarceration.


Strategic Goal 2: Children and their caregivers experiencing difficulties with mental well-being will have increased access to professional supports and services.


What does this mean to the Collaborative?

  • Support direct prevention and intervention efforts: fill gaps in children/family mental health systems with professional supports and services (e.g. therapy, mindfulness, exercise, nutrition, rest, etc.).   



  • Capital campaigns or capital expenditures

  • Administrative or indirect expenditures (e.g. staff time for preparation of program plans, budgets, and schedules; time spent for financial services; costs of goods for managers (supplies, equipment, postage, etc.))

  • Lobbying or political activities

  • Agencies whose main office is not in St. Louis County



  • The level of information contained in the application should be reflective of the dollar amount requested.

  • An agency may have multiple applications for their various programs.  Submit only one application per program.      

  • The Collaborative has the right to deny or partially fund any application.

  • The grant application should be single spaced and in 11-point Calibri font.   

  • Email applications to



  • Your agency must sign a Community Grant Agreement.  The Collaborative will reimburse the agency for program expenditures with appropriate receipts/invoices.  An agency may receive an advance with a written request on letterhead detailing the intended expenditure(s); and submit receipts when available and before another advance.    

  • Your agency must complete a Grant Evaluation by January 31st or at the end of the Community Grant Agreement, whichever comes first.   


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