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Supported Programs

St. Louis County Family Services  Collaboratives support programs and partnerships that better the lives of children and families.  

"Life House works with many young families and we are committed to interrupting generational trauma. With this funding, we are able to pursue implementing a First-Born model where our families receive support, information about early childhood development, nutrition, and much more. "

Jordon Johnson, Director Life House

"The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth has made it even more critical for them to have access to safe adults.  The support from the St. Louis County Family Service Collaborative has made it possible to expand the Youth Staff at Men As Peacemakers to be available to meet the emergent needs of youth where they are at.  These resources in St. Louis County creates a community of support that ensures that no youth is left without the responsive support they need." 

Sarah Curtiss, Executive Director, Men As Peacemakers

"We received funding from the Family Services Collaborative for two initiatives so far this year, both of which directly benefit local children in need.  We partnered with the Mountain Iron Fire Department to provide the Community Steps initiative this fall which provided children from low-income families with comfortable, high quality athletic shoes at the start of the school year.  There was a podiatrist on site to help fit the children with their shoes.  The recipients increased their physical activity and confidence and also felt relieved and cared for by their community.


UWNEMN recently received funding to support our local children in need through a Winter Gear collaboration.  Through funding from the FSC, the IRRR, and UWNEMN’s Community Impact Fund, snow pants, jackets, hats, and mittens were purchased and distributed to local schools and given out to children from low-income families to keep them safe and warm while allowing them to enjoy the remainder of the northern Minnesota winter."

Erin Shay, Executive Director United Way of North Eastern Minnesota.

"I had the privilege of helping with the 2021 Community Steps program in Mountain Iron this year.  It was incredible to be able to see the joy on the kids' faces as they picked out new shoes.  They were each able to pick out not only size but also a style that fit them.  I truly feel like we were not only supporting their feet but also their mental wellbeing in giving them a shoe they were proud to wear.  Many of them wore their shoes out of the store.  I heard over and over how excited they were to wear their new shoes to school.  I look forward to being able to help with this program again in the future."


Dr. Katie Evans, Podiatrist

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